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Sam Bahreini

Sam Bahreini

Guest Writer / Founder and COO of VoloForce

Sam Bahreini, a seasoned operations officer and agile entrepreneur, is co-founder and chief operating officer of VoloForce, a company that aims to help enterprise retail brands ensure perfect program implementation across multiple locations using automation and tools.

Inspiring Your Team

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Employee Engagement

4 Reasons You Should Gather Employee Feedback to Boost Your Marketing

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Employee Engagement Is More Important Than the Customer

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Employee Engagement

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Murphy's Law (Or Worse) Can Derail Your Business Pitch. Anticipate the Unexpected.

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Business Travel

Surviving Your First Solo Business Trip at That Lonely Table for One

While obstacles may arise on the road, most can be minimized or avoided with a little planning. Surmounting them alone may make you a better entrepreneur.