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Sam Silverman is a content strategy editor at Entrepreneur Media. She specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), and her work can be found in The US Sun, Nicki Swift, In Touch Weekly, Life & Style and Health. She writes for our news team with a focus on investigating scandals. Her coverage and expertise span from business news, entrepreneurship, technology, and true crime, to the latest in entertainment and TV news. Sam is a graduate of Lehigh University and currently resides in NYC. 

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Business News

Oscar Mayer Is Hiring 'Hotdoggers' to Drive Its Wienermobile. But the Salary Could Repel Even the Most Hot Dog Obsessed Applicants

The hot dog brand is looking for 12 people to travel around the country in a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels.

Business News

BMW's New i Vision Dee Concept Car Can Change Colors Without Going to the Body Shop

The "emotionally intelligent" vehicle features 32 color displays and nine "facial expressions."


Las estrellas de 'Romeo y Julieta' demandan a Paramount Pictures por $500 millones de dólares por una escena de sexo con menores de edad filmada en 1968

Los actores Olivia Hussey y Leonard Whiting tenían solo 15 y 16 años en el momento en que se filmó la escena.

Business News

What Did Bernie Madoff Do? Everything to Know About the Disgraced Financier Ahead of Netflix's 'Madoff: The Monster of Wall'

Bernie Madoff died in prison while serving a 150 sentence for his crimes.

Business News

Paramount Pictures Sued for $500 Million By Stars of 'Romeo & Juliet' Over Underage Sex Scene from 1968

Actors Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting were only 15 and 16 years old at the time the scene was shot.

Business News

Starbucks Is Making Big Changes to Its Rewards Program Starting With 'Free' Drinks

What once cost Starbucks Rewards members 50 points or "stars" will now double.