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Sam Silverman is a content strategy editor at Entrepreneur Media. She specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), and her work can be found in The US Sun, Nicki Swift, In Touch Weekly, Life & Style and Health. She writes for our news team with a focus on investigating scandals. Her coverage and expertise span from business news, entrepreneurship, technology, and true crime, to the latest in entertainment and TV news. Sam is a graduate of Lehigh University and currently resides in NYC. 

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Business News

TikTok'ers Go Viral for Dramatic Exits After Claiming They Were 'Wrongfully Fired' from Walmart

Their terminations follow Walmart's "overstaffing" issue to make up for shortages amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business News

A Milwaukee Bar Once Frequented By Jeffrey Dahmer Slams 'Senseless' New Patrons Looking for 'Dahmer Drinks'

"It's just kind of traumatizing to see how people would praise a serial killer," says Wall Street Stock Bar owner Charese Gardner.

Business News

Disney Fans Slam CEO Bob Chapek After More Park Price Hikes

The CEO suggested more price increases are to come during an August earnings call.

Business News

Kevin Bacon Admits He Lost 'Most' of His Net Worth to Bernie Madoff's 'Too Good to Be True' Ponzi Scheme

The actor detailed his foot-loss during an episode of the "SmartLess" podcast.

Business News

'Nothing Texas About Them': Man Sues Texas Pete Hot Sauce for Alleged False Advertising

Despite Texas Pete's branding, the product is actually made in North Carolina.

Business News

Who Are the 2022 Nobel Prize Winners? Meet the Recipients So Far.

The six prizes are awarded to individuals who made groundbreaking innovations in the fields of physiology or medicine, physics, chemistry, economic science, literature and peace work.