Sharel Omer

Sharel Omer

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
CEO & Co-founder

Sharel Omer is an entrepreneur whose passion for personal connections & building relationships has made him dedicated to bringing the consumer voice's power to organizations. He's the CEO & co-founder of Affogata, a customer intelligence platform that enables brands to be truly customer-obsessed.

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If Your Company Is Not Customer-Obsessed, You're Doing It Wrong

Since the advent of agile development and the rise of data-driven insights, "customer obsession" went from grabbing headlines, to a nice-to-have, and now it's mission-critical.

Lessons From 'Once a Bootstrapped Startup, Now a VC-Funded Machine'

Many entrepreneurs begin as a bootstrapped startup, and if they succeed, they move into a VC-funded operation. Both phases present challenges and hardships.

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