Sharel Omer

CEO & Co-founder

Sharel Omer is an entrepreneur whose passion for personal connections & building relationships has made him dedicated to bringing the consumer voice's power to organizations. He's the CEO & co-founder of Affogata, a customer intelligence platform that enables brands to be truly customer-obsessed.

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If Your Company Is Not Customer-Obsessed, You're Doing It Wrong

Since the advent of agile development and the rise of data-driven insights, "customer obsession" went from grabbing headlines, to a nice-to-have, and now it's mission-critical.

Starting a Business

Lessons From 'Once a Bootstrapped Startup, Now a VC-Funded Machine'

Many entrepreneurs begin as a bootstrapped startup, and if they succeed, they move into a VC-funded operation. Both phases present challenges and hardships.

Iniciar un negocio

Lecciones de 'Una vez que una empresa de arranque, ahora una máquina financiada por VC'

Muchos emprendedores comienzan como una startup autosuficiente y, si tienen éxito, pasan a una operación financiada por capital de riesgo. Ambas fases presentan desafíos y dificultades.

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