Steve Girdler

Steve Girdler

Managing Director for EMEA & APAC, HireRight

About Steve Girdler

Steve Girdler is the Managing Director for EMEA & APAC at HireRight

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Cream Of The Crop: Why You Need To Screen Senior Hires For Your Enterprise

For businesses to hire with confidence and mitigate employment risk, a consistent level of due diligence should be undertaken for all candidates to verify basic details such as identity, previous employment, and education history.

Making The Right Choice: Building A Screening Policy For Job Candidates

Entrepreneurs should assess the results of a background screening in a manner that does not discriminate and is consistent with relevant laws.
Employee Recruitment

The Real Impact Of A Bad Hire For Your Business

When a company hires and then subsequently keeps a bad hire, colleagues can question the top-level management's ability to make smart decisions.

How Well Do You Know Your Job Applicants? A Four-Stage Approach To The Recruitment Process

Ensuring that you have a robust, structured and well-planned recruitment process that includes thorough background screening is essential.

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