Steve Sponseller

Intellectual Property Attorney, Innovation Strategist,

Steve Sponseller is an intellectual property attorney and innovation strategist who has helped more than 1,000 innovators and business leaders develop and protect innovative ideas. Join him at

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How to Recognize Business Inflection Points and Innovate to Survive Them

By developing an innovation action plan you can have an arsenal of ideas at hand when you reach one of these points.


Cultivating Innovation Is a Direct Path to Profit

What are the seeds of innovation in your company?


How to Build Innovation Into Your Business Without Creating Chaos

Innovation is exalted and essential, but pulling it off and keeping your business steady is a leadership feat.


When It Comes to Innovation, Here are 7 Mistakes People Make

While many entrepreneurs want to grow their business and offer products with a competitive edge, they neglect techniques and systems that generate a flood of valuable ideas.


5 Ways Small Companies Can Out-Innovate Big Corporations

Leaders of small companies can leverage their business' size and unique culture to rapidly develop and apply creative ideas.


Peer Farther Into the Future to See Opportunity Before Your Competition Does

Tectonic shifts in technology inevitably come with unforeseen problems. Whoever sees, and solves, first will have the market to themselves.

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