Steve Strauss

Steve Strauss is a lawyer, author and speaker who specializes in small business and entrepreneurship. He also writes a weekly column for USA Today.


Business News

Dealing With Rejection: 5 Ways to Turn a No Into a Yes

Visionaries often hear 'no' when they first propose their big ideas. Find out when you should or shouldn't take no for an answer, and how to turn that no into a yes.

Business News

Make Your Videos More Likely to Go Viral

What makes some videos instant Internet hits while others remain under the radar? We provide tips to help your videos get noticed -- and maybe even go viral -- on the Web.

Business News

How to Become Risk Savvy

Sure, starting and running a business comes with risks. But a savvy entrepreneur knows how to minimize them by taking calculated risks instead of crazy ones.

Starting a Business

Choosing the Best Business Idea

How to evaluate several ideas and decide which business would be right for you.

Business Ideas

It's In the Mail

Learn how to start your own mail order business.

Business News

Securing Your Busines's Finances Through Multiple Revenue Resources

Cash-flow problems. Down times.'s Ideas & Inspiration Expert shows you how you can avoid these fiscal nightmares by broadening your offerings with multiple revenue sources.

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