Sumeet Mehta

Co-founder and CEO, LEAD School

About Sumeet Mehta

Sumeet Mehta is a management executive who became an educator by choice. He has more than 20 years of experience in management and leadership positions in the field of education.  
As Co-founder of LEAD School, Sumeet is responsible for ensuring a quality education system that delivers an excellent curriculum to students across India. He is also instrumental for research and development, incorporating some of the best academic systems in the world to make education accessible and affordable to students of LEAD School. 
Sumeet is passionate about bringing learning excellence to every child in India. He believes that democratising education is the only way to build a more equitable and developed nation. 
Before co-founding LEAD School, Sumeet was Chief Executive Officer at Zee Learn (2007-2012). He transformed the institution from a pre-school franchise company to an education company with a presence in pre-schools and K-10 schools, and science activity and animation classes. Revenue grew 5X under his watch. He also led the development of iLLUME and Litera Octave – new-to-theworld pedagogies that set the bar of innovation in both preschools and schools. 
Prior to that, Sumeet spent eight years at Procter & Gamble Singapore, where he was involved in in brand management, leading businesses in Australia, Southeast Asia, and India. 
Sumeet is an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad and PEC Chandigarh. He grew up in Pathankot, in the foothills of Himachal Pradesh, and currently lives in Mumbai with his family. He is a voracious reader and loves travelling. 

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