Summi Gambhir

Summi Gambhir

Co-founder, GlobalLinker

About Summi Gambhir

Summi Gambhir is Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer at GlobalLinker. GlobalLinker is branded by leading corporations and offered to their SME Clients & members, building potentially, the world largest small business community. Organisations offering GlobalLinker to their SME clients include MasterCard, Jet Airways, ICICI Bank and RAI (Retailers Association of India).

Prior to launching GlobalLinker, she has led the digital solutions & services side of her business, where she engaged with global leading firms including Citibank; Standard Chartered Bank; ETrade; AXA Equitable Insurance in implementing their digital strategies. Her experience spans several nations and Summi has helped corporations build and implement digital strategies in banking, insurance, aviation & hospitality sectors.

Summi is extremely passionate about empowering women entrepreneurs, and she has been recently appointed as a Country Ambassador & Digital Advisor for WED (Women's entrepreneurship Day - a day officially proclaimed by UN)

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