Suresh Kabra

Suresh Kabra

Founder, PriceMap

Suresh Kabra is a business development professional, with a successful track record in initiating and executing on new lines of business, with high growth potential and EBITDA margins.


5 Habits Every Leader Should Try to Keep at Bay

Introspect and identify the habits that are coming in the your way of becoming an aspirational leader.

Do good leaders make good managers?

An organisation that wants to stay competitive and relevant in the long run needs both leaders and good managers to complement each other.

Can E-Commerce Be Price Competitive…Always?

If the end product is coming from a retailer in your local city market, where are the additional margins to pay for the logistics of product.

What can be your core competency in today's world?

The notion of core competency has evolved with changing times and market dynamics will continue to do so.

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