Surya Phadke

Surya Phadke

Managing Director at QualeMagni.

Surya is the Founder and MD at QualeMagni® which was founded in 2012 and became operational in 2013.  The company is currently working with Spain, Italy, France, Chile, South Africa, Mexico & Ukraine. The company will introduce in the market its own brand of Wines, Sake and Tequila under the umbrella brand Excalibur and Don Pablo- All trademarks registered. 

 He started his career with Sky Computers LLC where the job entailed door-to-door and Exhibition Sales for the products. During the course of his education, Surya also worked with Keppel Fels, a leading manufacturer of Oil-Rigs and Ships based out of Singapore. 
In 2009, Surya forayed into his first entrepreneurial venture starting Sunkist Security Solutions – Focused on selling home security networks/Solutions. After two successful years at Sunkist, he decided to take up theINSEAD & The Wharton School offer in 2011 and set about preparing for what will be the most rewarding year of his educational life. 

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