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Managing Editor, Entrepreneur Middle East


Inspiring Loyalty: Alborz Toofani, Founder And CEO Of Snappcard

Alborz Toofani, founder and CEO of Snappcard, looks back at his entrepreneurial journey over the last five years.

Beware Of The Underdog: Nooruldeen Agha, Founder And CEO, Elabelz

Nooruldeen Agha, founder and CEO of Elabelz, believes that entrepreneurs need to have the stamina to completely give up their life in order to build something from the ground all the way up to the greatness.

Ask The Exec: Hazel Jackson, CEO, Biz Group

Entrepreneurs should totally embrace and live by the core values of their companies every single day.

Follow The Leader: Ahmed El Alfi, Founder and Chairman , Sawari Ventures

Ahmed El Alfi explains the reasons behind his unwavering support to entrepreneurs across the MENA region.

Couqley's Alexis Couquelet On The Pillars Driving His Culinary Business

"Couqley is more than just a restaurant, it is a family. My success and the success of chefs around the world can be attributed to their teams."

Top Chef Cooking Studio Founder Nadira Benaissa On Market Gaps In The Food Sector

Top Chef offers a range of tailor-made cooking classes for adults and children as well as private culinary functions, such as fun private parties or creative corporate events.

Follow The Leader: H.E. Shamsa Saleh, CEO, Dubai Women Establishment

Dubai Women Establishment (DWE) is leading the global effort to foster women's leadership.

Chef Jason Atherton On How Perseverance Pays Off In The Culinary World

How British chef Jason Atherton turned his talent into a profitable business venture.

Ask The Exec: Dr. Reem Osman, CEO, Saudi German Hospital Dubai

"To become a good leader, you need to lead by example and apply a dynamic management style with a touch of innovation."

Follow the Leader: Farid Chedid, Chairman and CEO, Chedid Capital Holding

This business leader believes that his enterprise's strength is in the ability to cater for the changing needs of clients, businesses and markets in which they operate.

Chef And Entrepreneur Roberto Segura On Turning Passion Into A Profitable Hospitality Business

Roberto Segura shares the elements on what makes Waka Restaurant & Bar and Craft Cafe an enterprising business.

How Dubai-Based Basmaty Is Disrupting The Culinary World

A gap in the market for online food recipes in Arabic gave rise to a successful Dubai-based startup.

Passion Project: Wael Al Sayegh, Founder, Family Martial Arts UAE Leadership Academy

The Emirati founder of Family Martial Arts UAE Leadership Academy on navigating between being a sportsperson and being an entrepreneur.

Innovation For Impact: MENA Startups Are Taking On The Refugee Crisis

MENA startups are taking on the refugee crisis, trying to make their solutions both socially responsible and financially sustainable.