Tamara Pupic

Tamara Pupic

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur Middle East

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Women Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Middle East's Achieving Women 2019: Medea Nocentini, CEO, C3

Nocentini is one of a growing number of UAE-based professionals using their spare time to build commercially sustainable solutions for social issues.

The Executive Selection: The Spa At Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah offers Mandarin Oriental's signature treatments, all aimed at achieving a balance between body, mind, and spirit.

Driving Momentum: Sahir Berry, Founder Of Nigeria-Based Fintech Solution NowNow

The founder of Nigeria-based fintech solution NowNow is thinking out of the box as he taps into the African (and global) economy.
Decision Making

Swae Founder Soushiant Zanganehpour On The Need To Upgrade The Decision-Making Process

AI-enabled platform giving users tools to better express themselves, and participate and influence decision-making processes and governance.
Launching a Business

A Class Apart: Maximilian Büsser, Founder, Maximilian Büsser And Friends

Maximilian Büsser, founder of Maximilian Büsser and Friends (MB&F), hints that, in life and business, the secret to retaining a grasp on something is in ultimately letting it go.

How Huda, Mona, And Alya Kattan Built Huda Beauty Out Of Dubai

The Kattan sisters on building the Huda Beauty megabrand out of Dubai (and no, they aren't done with their ambitions just yet)
Food Startup

Sophisticated Indulgence: M'OISHÎ Founder Carole Moawad On Building A Bridge Between Japan And The UAE

Carole Moawad on founding M'OISHÎ, the UAE's first (and only) mochi ice cream manufacturer.

The Lock&Stock App Rewards Students For Putting Their Phones Away During Class

Currently active in the UAE, Lock&Stock is a free mobile app that allows students to earn points each time –one point for every three minutes– their phones are locked during a class.

Setting A Precedent: Fahim Almas, Founder And CEO, Almas Robotics

Emirati entrepreneur Fahim Almas, founder and CEO of Almas Robotics, on making robotics accessible to the average consumer.

Bridging The Digital Divide

At the Entrepreneur Middle East Round Table presented by du, experts from across different industry spectrums came together to exchange know-how on keeping up with the pace of digital transformation within their respective sectors.

Leveling The Playing Field: A Look At Northern Ireland's Startup Scene

An exploration of the startup scene in Northern Ireland.

Follow The Leader: Samer Toukan, CEO, FundedByMe MENA

"Financing startups and SMEs is about bringing to life revolutionary and life-changing concepts. 'Investing in something you believe in,' and 'funding the future' are key drivers of these type of investments."
Event Planning Business

Follow The Leader: Harmeek Singh, Founder And CEO, Plan b

"The keyword is collaboration, because it is how teams are formed with a long-term view, and an aim to build a bigger think tank."
Women Entrepreneurs

Follow The Leader: Dr. Hibah Shata, Founder, Maharat Learning Center

Dr. Shata considers herself fortunate for having started up and grown her business in the UAE
Health and Fitness Businesses

Follow The Leader: Faisal Al Hammadi, Co-Founder, YACOB Intelligent Health

"It really comes down to how much time leaders spend with the people in their organization, and, based on this, how much they achieve the objectives of the company through harnessing the best skills of the people, which they can never find out if they don't spend time with them.'"

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