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Women To Watch At GITEX Global 2021: Ashi Karun, Founder And CTO, Dude Just Dude Portal

"I've learnt that being consistent, trusting myself and doing what I believe in, even without those often repeated '10 years of experience,' is the only way to achieve everything I want to with Dude Just Dude, and any other ventures that begin along the way."

Women To Watch At GITEX Global 2021: Claire Mutaka, Co-Founder, Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence (AICE)

As a speaker at GITEX 2021, Mutaka will be sharing her experiences as an entrepreneur in Kenya's tech ecosystem, with her noting that one of the key challenges she faced was in terms of people's false suppositions of what AI actually entails.

Women To Watch At GITEX Global 2021: Yong Hua Lin, founder and CEO, V-Origin Technology

In her current role at V-Origin Technology, Lin is figuring out how AI can be used to transform traditional industries like agriculture and manufacturing.

Women To Watch At GITEX Global 2021: Katherina Ufnarovskaia, CEO, Augmented City

"Women's ideas and opinions must be heard, but they should be implemented on a competitive basis, so that eventually the quality of a technical solution and business success won't depend on gender differences."

Dubai-Based Fintech Startup Baraka Is On A Mission To Help Everyone In MENA To Invest

The app has a waitlist of over 10,000 users from across the Middle East, which was opened last March to test the region's appetite for the commission- free online trading app sector.

Against All Odds: HRH Princess Lamia Bint Majed Saud AlSaud

"I do everything with passion; I would never succeed in anything I wasn't passionate about."

Women To Watch At GITEX Global 2021: Dr. Sara Al Madani, Serial Entrepreneur

As a female entrepreneur, Al Madani believes her strong convictions and beliefs in her work and ideas have protected her from any gender-based setbacks in the industry.

With The Global Business Forum Africa 2021, Dubai Chamber Continues With Its Mission To Bolster Ties Between The UAE And The African Continent

Businesses from Africa are increasingly looking at Dubai as a gateway for them to expand into markets across the GCC, Asia, and Europe.

Restoring Hope: Landmark Amman Founder Mary Nazzal Is Doing Her Part To Revitalize Jordan's Business Landscape

Envisioned as an innovation hub that will support Jordanian startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurial individuals in the tourism and hospitality sectors, Nazzal hopes to attain two primary goals with Landmark 2.0

Women To Watch At GITEX Global 2021: Reem AlMossabeh, CEO, Retech, And 2021 Dubai Youth Council Member

"The best part of being an entrepreneur is getting to meet so many talented entrepreneurs, changemakers, and passionate people, but the experience of being a woman in the tech field is indeed challenging."

Welcome To A New Era: Khalid Elgibali, Division President – MENA, Mastercard

The future of payments is not near- it's already here, says Elgibali as he leads Mastercard's endeavor as Expo 2020 Dubai's Official Payment Technology Partner.

Success Story: Eventtus Co-Founder And CEO Mai Medhat On Her Company's Acquisition By American Enterprise Community Event Engine, Bevy

"I built a business for a reason. I wanted to help event organizers to host amazing, successful events. Joining Bevy will help us continue our vision, and scale this even bigger."

Against All Odds: Farah Nabulsi, Filmmaker and Human Rights Advocate

British-Palestinian filmmaker and human rights advocate Farah Nabulsi on dreaming big.

Follow The Leader: Salma Al Maawali, CEO, FRiENDi Mobile Oman

"Gender diversity clearly continues to represent not only a key challenge, but also a significant opportunity for the future of our industry."

Follow The Leader: Afraa Al-Noaimi, Founder And CEO, Incubate Qatar And Brain Trust

"I constantly strive to understand the market challenges, and facilitate milestones that can help businesses and entrepreneurs leap over the hurdles they face, as well as any discrepancies that may follow along their track to creating scalable businesses."