Tareq Samara

Tareq Samara

Founder, BOXknocks.com

Tareq Samara is the founder of BOXknocks.com, an online fashion accessories store dedicated to men across the globe. In less than three months, BOXknocks has grown dramatically to serve hundreds of customers in more than nine countries including the UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and more. In addition to its e-commerce setup, BOXknocks will soon be curating products to be sent out every month as subscriptions boxes for gentlemen.

Prior to BOXknocks, Tareq co-founded MARSA Recruitment, a recruitment firm that helps companies in the process of hiring top-notch candidates in the UAE and the region. Tareq is a web, technology and gadget enthusiast with an extensive e-commerce experience starting from 2004. He also aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs to take their first steps in starting up their businesses, and show them exactly how it is absolutely possible to succeed in their respective quests.


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