Tim Hentschel

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Co-Founder and CEO of HotelPlanner.com

Tim Hentschel is the co-founder and CEO of HotelPlanner, a leading travel-technology company powered by proprietary artificial intelligence.


Growing a Business

3 Ways to Grow Your Business While Maintaining Your Independence as an Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs get into the game because they want personal freedom and control over their own destiny. Here are three ways to accomplish that goal while still growing a behemoth company.


3 Contradictory Personal Qualities to Help You Build a Billion-Dollar Brand

As an entrepreneur, you have to be able to pivot between competing truths. If you do so effectively, it will make you less predictable to your competitors and opponents.

Growing a Business

From Launch to Succession: Tips for Building a Thriving Business

While there is no single formula for when and how to launch a successful company, here are some tried and true tips every prospective entrepreneur should keep in mind.

Thought Leaders

Rethinking Success: What It Means to 'Make It' as an Entrepreneur

What I've learned in my career as an entrepreneur about how to measure true success.


Repensar el éxito: lo que significa 'triunfar' como emprendedor

Lo que he aprendido en mi carrera como emprendedor sobre cómo medir el verdadero éxito.

Science & Technology

How AI Solutions Can Improve the Travel and Hotel Booking Experience

User data paired with carefully tuned algorithms can create a personalized and deeply intuitive experience for every customer -- one that is fast, simple and constantly improving over time.

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