Varun Rathi

Varun Rathi

Guest Writer / COO & Co-founder of Happay

Happay – India’s leading fin-tech start-up that offers expense management solution for businesses’. 

A fast paced start-up in the Indian payment industry that  helps firms track expenses in real time using a tool that is integrated with mobile-enabled payments platform with set expense limits. The solution essentially consists of a VISA card that can be remote controlled through a mobile app and a web platform.



6 Reasons Why Fintech Industry Will Grow In Next Five Years

The past 100 years have witnessed technology growing at a galloping rate, much to the delight and convenience of mankind.

Key Trends to Watch Out For in the Fintech Space In 2017

Any company which provides end to end customer experience while maintaining simplicity, security & providing value add would emerge as a winner.
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