Vuk Zlatarov

Co-founder and CEO, Poddster

Vuk Zlatarov is the co-founder and CEO of Poddster, a pioneering network of video podcast production studios and Dubai’s first podcasting community. He is also the Managing Partner of Creitive Ventures, a venture builder focused on product acceleration and go-to-market routes for early-stage ideas with hubs in APAC, MENA, and Europe.

Vuk launched his podcast, The Change Officer, in 2020, because he wanted a smarter way to build meaningful relationships with people who could positively influence his life and business. The impact was significant in both respects. After two years, 200 episodes, and a transformational personal journey, Vuk decided to create Poddster to make professional podcast production available to everyone. Now, with more than 500 podcasts and 1000 active creators, Poddster continues to set standards, and drive the podcast industry forward, cementing its position as the preferred choice for anyone looking to start or grow their show. It has three studios in Dubai, and recently opened its first international location in Singapore in early 2024.

Born and educated in Serbia, Vuk studied as an information systems and technologies engineer before moving to Dubai in 2014. In addition to his business activities, Vuk mentors startup founders for regional and global entrepreneurship organizations.


Growth Strategies

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