Yash Malik

Yash Malik

Founder & CEO, The LuxePass

About Yash Malik

Yash Malik is the Founder & CEO of The LuxePass, is a first-of-its-kind lifestyle app that provides non-resident guests the luxury to access hotel amenities at affordable rates. Launched under the umbrella of StarBird Enterprises Private Limited, The LuxePass provides amenities such as swimming pools, gym, spa and salon starting at INR 499 for a whole day of luxury. 

Prior to The LuxePass, Yash worked with Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Langham Capital wherein he was involved in mergers and acquisitions as well as consultancy. His key responsibilities included research on the growth trajectory of companies and analysing the potential use of capital raised post each round of funding. Additionally, his engagements revolved around double tax treaties, anti-avoidance legislations and tax issues in the energy sector, amongst others. 

Yash graduated in 2017 with a major in Economics and a minor in Finance from University of Miami (School of Business). During one of the unbearable summers of 2018, Yash was keen to go for a swim in a premium pool which is when the idea of The LuxePass was conceived. He is of the view that people should have the right to use amenities of high-end hotels without having to book a room or purchase expensive hotel memberships. Within the span of a year, the idea bloomed and took the shape of a disruptive online portal. 

Yash was born and brought up in New Delhi. He is a fitness enthusiast and likes to play sports in his free time. 

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