Youmna Chagoury

Youmna Chagoury is a freelance editor, writer, and translator based in the Middle East. She was formerly the Assistant Editor of a general interest magazine in Lebanon, and left it to pursue freelance projects in social media marketing, content consulting, and project-based content creation. Youmna welcomes business queries for projects local or remote, and as a senior level writer and digital native, can help you strategize reaching your target audiences via digital and content mediums.

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Finding The Silver Lining: Losing Your Job For A Better One

"There is always something good in change. It all depends on how we can make use of a situation."

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Five Business Rules I've Learned From My Little Sister

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The Ties That Bind: Achieving Better PR-Media Relationships

Here are some issues that I've personally come across as an editor with PR- and how these could be fixed.

Four Ways Being A Freelancer Is Better Than Being An Employee

Youmna Chagoury gives a quick rundown on why she prefers her freelancer status than a nine to five job.

Lead By Example- Or You Risk The Loyalty (And Productivity) Of Your Staff

The world of bosses is divided into three categories: the good, the bad, and the ugly. You do not want to be in the latter two.

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