Yuree Hong

Yuree Hong

Tech Consultant & Founder, Ampliv and SHE Blockchainers

Yuree Hong is a growth-oriented visionary working passionately within the field of future of decentralised networks, artificial intelligence, digital identity, and tokenised assets. She founded a deep tech research and consulting firm, Ampliv, in 2017, and has since led the first 'women in blockchain initiative' named SHE Blockchainers. Her ten years work experience includes data analytics and programmatic advertisements serving clients such as Intel, Visa, Citibank and Microsoft, as well as tech startup consulting. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Yuree pursued a Master of Science in International Business from Manchester Business School to further develop her global business capability. She is a frequent speaker at international tech and industry conferences that feature top IT leaders and government officials.

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A New Value Asset Class in the Decentralised Data World - Identity

Custodians and verifiers will be a key player in helping individuals and consortiums securely store their core ID data, linked to the entire data set behind it

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