3 Ways to Make Captivating Videos Brand managers are turning to video to gain audiences' attention, but you'll have to create something more interesting than average corporate fare to capture eyeballs.

By Martin Jones

This story originally appeared on PR Daily

Throughout the world, businesses are embracing video in their PR and marketing strategies—and with good reason.

Thanks to smartphones, tablets and social media blanketing the globe, video is convenient to consume and is highly shareable.

It's time for brands to take the next step by producing more cinematic content. Simply put, video for PR needs to look less corporate and more cinematic to keep people watching and more effectively convey messaging.

You don't need a huge budget and a Hollywood director. Think about what is going to make people watch the videos you're putting out there, and then make the right investments. Here are three ways you can produce videos that captivate:

1. Audio

People will suffer through videos with poor visual quality and good audio, but they won't tolerate the reverse. You shouldn't want them to suffer at all, so paying attention to audio and light is critical.

Don't use the microphone that's built in to your camera. Instead, invest in decent shotgun and wireless lavalier microphones, and remember that the closer the microphone is to your subject, the better your audio will be.

2. Light

Effective use of light will turn run-of-the-mill interviews into more dynamic and engaging videos.

There's plenty of affordable gear with which to get started. You'll find that as you play with different lighting scenarios that you'll have more control over shadows and skin tones of your on-camera talent, along with more latitude for color grading in post-production.

3. Shot Composition

Unimaginative visuals are the hallmark of bad corporate video.

Sidestep this landmine by taking the time to compose your shots, choosing interesting backgrounds with contrasting colors. Also use the lighting mentioned above to control shadows and depth of field for a more cinematic feel.

Avoid shooting your subject in front of a bland painted wall at all costs.

Too often, brands focus solely on what's being said and forget that people have to be engaged by your video's visuals and audio. Without these elements, people won't watch long enough to hear what you have to say or see the product demo you want to show them.

Putting extra thought and effort into the production value and personality of your video content will yield far better results.

Martin Jones is the CEO of March Communications, a tech PR agency with offices in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.

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