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Dan Rather on Journalism and Finding the Truth in the News

The art of storytelling on camera. Learn with Dan Rather

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EXCLUSIVE: $10 Course Promo Expires June 30, 2017

Dan Rather is widely heralded as one of the world's best--known journalists, the man who has consistently warmed the hearts of his devoted viewers year in and year out. His success can be measured in the six-decade career during which he's personally covered almost every important dateline. Or in the succession of presidents he's interviewed (every president since Eisenhower, if you're counting). Or his reputation as one of the "Big Three" U.S. anchors from the 1980s to early 2000s. Or his innovations in television, helping pioneer the very idea that television could be a place for news.

However you measure Dan Rather's success, he's known everywhere as a creative master of his trade, and a worthy teacher with plenty of wisdom to offer. This renowned news anchor is now offering a course on called Dan Rather on Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News, where he peels back the curtain on what it takes to create and deliver impactful news. This course is being offered for a limited time at the discounted price for readers only.

For aspiring journalists, long-time journalists, and news enthusiasts, here's your chance to learn how to ask the right questions and tell captivating stories. Become more informed and find out how to challenge and investigate the news you consume on a daily basis. Listen in as Dan shares his first-hand experiences to guide you through the 21st century state of journalism. Discover the role technology has played in impacting how news is relayed to the public (both good and bad).

Open to anyone wanting to contribute to serious journalism, this course pairs Dan's extensive knowledge with practical, hands-on exercises - including an assignment where you'll write a broadcast piece around a critical news story from your life.

Learn how significantly the art of finding and has evolved from the Civil Rights Movement to the 2016 election. Get behind-the-scenes glimpses from the man who's been on the scene at Martin Luther King, Junior's jail cell, President John F. Kennedy's death, and the Berlin Wall when it fell. Discover the importance of a truly free press as a key role in a well-functioning democracy, and the obstacles standing in the way of objective, unadulterated journalism.

Get rare insight from an American legend on:

  • The politicalization, trivialization, and corporatization of news
  • How to determine if you have a story, and how to keep your ambitions in check.
  • The essentials of a good interview and tools of the trade for using interviews to enrich the stories you tell.
  • Learn how to write with the efficient elegance of a top journalist and understand the different ways to tell a story.
  • Learn how to speak and present (both on camera and off), with exercises to continue improving.
  • Life lessons from Dan: Rules for how to stay ahead, lessons learned from world leaders, and lessons for journalists on investigating controversial stories.

Accelerate your journalism career now. Get in on the nuts and bolts of timeless, solid journalism with Dan Rather for just $10.

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