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Eminem's Daughter Hailie Is Now an Instagram Influencer With 1.6 Million Followers

Her profile is probably nothing like you'd expect.

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade Scott Mathers featured prominently in his music when she was a baby. Fans heard about their father-daughter relationship in like "Mockingbird" and "Hailie's Song."

EminemMusic/YouTube via BI
Eminem's fans remember Hailie in his songs and videos as a young child.

But Scott Mathers hasn't followed in her father's musical footsteps. Rather, she has become an .

Under the account @hailiejade, Scott Mathers has 1.6 million followers, and her photos of outfits, meals out, and coffees receive about 100,000 likes on average. She also posts selfies with beauty tips like "use lip gloss on the cheeks instead of blush for a more glowy look."

Scott Mathers, now 23, studied at Michigan State University, which is where she started her Instagram account in 2016, according to the Daily Mail.

In an interview with the Mail in 2018, she said her coming career was "kind of up in the air." But since then, she appears to have become a full-on influencer, posting artistic shots of holidays and glamorous locations.

Though she never posts with Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers) -- one fan commented on a photo "Damn, take some pictures with you father woman" -- Scott told the Mail the two were "very close."

Eminem has three children: Scott Mathers and her two half-sisters, Whitney Scott Mathers and Alaina Marie Mathers, whom Eminem adopted with his ex-wife, Kimberly Anne Scott.

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According to the Evening Standard, Scott Mathers uses an app called, where followers can buy items she's wearing. Influencers make a small cut of the profits this way.

Back in 2012, Scott Mathers was the subject in the start of a long feud between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly.

Kelly tweeted that Scott Mathers was "hot as f---," despite her only being 16 years old at the time. He deleted the tweet, but Eminem demanded Kelly apologize and years later released a diss track about him.

The feud continued for several years, and, according to Esquire, Kelly is now trying to reignite it.

Scott Mathers seems to be staying out of it, as she always has. Her latest Instagram story was taken Thursday in Chicago, and her most recent post was a taken a week ago.

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