Raccoon Adorably Orders A Donut From Dunkin' Drive Thru: 'Little Gentleman' The hilarious clip has garnered over 21.3 million views on TikTok.

By Emily Rella

America runs on Dunkin' and apparently, nocturnal animals do, too.

A viral TikTok showing a raccoon ever-so-kindly taking a donut from a Dunkin' drive-thru window before scurrying off with his new sweet treat has been viewed over 21.3 million times.

TikTokers Samantha Guptil uploaded the video that shows the four-legged creature slowly walking in front of her car on the way to the window.

"What in the world? My dude. He wants some Dunkin' doughnuts," Guptil jokes.

@samguptuppy #Raccoon at #Dunkin ♬ original sound - Samantha Jane Guptil

The raccoon waits patiently out the window as the Dunkin' employee stares at him confused, unsure of what to do next.

In an unexpected twist, the employee grabs a vanilla-frosted and opens the window while the raccoon carefully grabs the pastry in his hands and slowly scurries off — just in time for National Donut Day.

Commenters were in stitches over the adorable (and surprisingly polite) little creature, with many guessing that the animal must be a "regular" as the interaction was "far too casual."

"She could have thrown it but she handed it to him like the little gentleman he is," one user wrote.

"Little dude was nice and patient and then gently took it out of her hands," another said.

Though only service animals are allowed inside Dunkin' stores, locations with patio areas love to service furry friends, even offering a Cup for Pup for those bringing dogs.

Undomesticated raccoons, however, might be a different story — but if they're as cordial and professional as this little guy, it's safe to say they might get a pass.

According to the New York Post, the video was taken near Orange City, Florida.

Emily Rella

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