Hi-Five Sports Franchising

Hi-Five Sports Franchising

The first youth sports franchise network to offer both brick and mortar and non-facility businesses. Year-round programs culminate with our annual Hi-Five Multi-Sport Camps.
Hi-Five Sports Franchising
Business Type
Startup Costs
$50,000 - $567,100
Can be operated from home

Looking for New and Different? Hi-Five Sports Zone!

The Hi-Five Sports Zone is your own small, sports center. At under 14,000 square feet, you get to set up where families live and shop. You run all our fun-filled classes, leagues and camps plus amazing sports birthday parties- complete with our mascot Murphy and turning “Murphy coins” into party prizes.

This great resource to your community scales fast, allows others to rent and connects with schools. We have a whole community launch plan to create the kind of splash at your grand opening that leads to program and birthday party sales right from day one. You get an exclusive territory that gives you opportunities to grow outside the building.

Home Based Business Model

You love kids’ sports, now, build your business!

Hi-Five Sports has the best quality youth sports programs in the nation. Focused on fun and fundamentals, we provide classes, leagues and fabulous sports camps. Our programs are documented, step-by-step. We also have face-to-face training and videos on demand. Fun and sports fundamentals is what we provide for ages 3 – 13.

We also know how to build buzz and get the word out to fill the programs. We have multiple, easy to deploy marketing strategies including our costume mascot for community events, school relationship plans, direct mail and community promotion packages.

About Us

Pizza, Michael Jordan and Hi-Five Sports. We’re a huge part of Chicago tradition dating back to 1990. We’re a family founded business that looked at public sport and volunteer programs and thought… this could be a lot better! So we’ve been innovating recreational youth sports to work with younger ages, in over a dozen sports, making it fun and filling the needs of parents, schools and communities. We have some of the largest sports summer camps in our areas. Between the over one dozen sports the kids play and the novel themes, events and contests – we’re number one in multi-sport summer camp fun for all kids’ ages.

We look at youth recreational sports as something for the whole family. We call this youth sports entertainment. And just like any good entertainment it needs to be full of fun and challenging. We have a great balance of fun and fundamentals. We take sports seriously but we always say “you need a good sense of humor” too.

And this formula doesn’t just work in Chicagoland. We’re in 10 states with 19 locations nationwide. Hi-Five Franchising launched in early 2016 to ensure Hi-Five becomes a household name in Youth Sports. Now is your chance to GET IN THE GAME!