Garage Door Sales And Installation

Startup Costs:
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Franchises Available? Yes
Online Operation? Yes

Many single-family dwellings have at least one garage door, some even have as many as three. When you start to multiply the number of single-family dwellings by the average number of garage doors per dwelling you begin to understand why starting a business that sells, installs, and repairs garage doors could prove to be a very profitable new enterprise. Garage doors and accessories are not difficult to install. In fact most manufacturers of these products include detailed step-by-step instruction that outlines the installation procedure. This makes a good business opportunity for just about anyone with basic construction abilities and tools. Like many home improvement and repair businesses, the key to success lies within securing a distribution or installation agreement with one or more manufacturers of the product you intend to sell and install. Thankfully, in the case of garage doors, securing this type of exclusive agreement should not prove difficult, as there are hundreds of companies that manufacture garage doors in just about every style, material selection, and price range available. As great as that sounds, however, the real challenge will be marketing the product and service. This can be accomplished by building alliances within the construction and real estate industries. These alliances should include new home builders, renovation and general contractors, home and property inspectors, real estate agents and brokers, and property managers, all of whom can refer your service or in some cases supply you business with subcontract installation work. In addition to basic construction skills, you will also need power tools, such as drills, a mitre saw, and transportation like a truck or large trailer capable of moving the product to the installation site. The repair aspect of the business can be equally as lucrative as the sales and installation side.

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