RV Rentals

Startup Costs: $10,000 - $50,000
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Franchises Available? Yes
Online Operation? No

To avoid investing hundreds of thousands of dollars yourself into starting a RV rental business, you may want to consider launching this enterprise with the assistance of a pool rental system. An RV pool rental system works on the following basis. Owners of RVs allow you to rent their units to your clients in exchange for a portion of the rental revenue. Additionally, as the owner of the business you may also have to agree to maintain and insure the RVs. However, each rental agreement can be negotiated individually with RV owners. North America remains one of the world's top travel destinations for foreign travelers, and traveling by RV allows them to enjoy and experience a unique and unforgettable holiday.

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