Catalyst Commercial Group

Catalyst Commercial Group

Retail and restaurant tenant representation

Company Overview

Catalyst Commercial Group specializes exclusively in tenant representation on both a local and national level. We currently represent 40-plus regional and national concepts and act as a “master broker” for many. Because we focus 100 percent of our efforts on tenant representation, we utilize an extremely unique and dedicated approach which provides for a seamless real estate solution that is fully aligned with the corporate vision of each individual client. The tenant benefit is that we have the ability to work on multiple locations across the country, allowing our client to be confident in knowing that they have a hardworking real estate broker who is intimately familiar with their needs and concept each time entering into a new market. Essentially, we become an in-house real estate team getting paid by the landlords. That translates into free professional real estate assistance for you and your franchisees.

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Scottsdale, AZ
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