Chef Alyssa's Kitchen

Chef Alyssa's Kitchen

Chef Alyssa's Kitchen provides hands-on cooking classes for adults, kids and groups expanded to Saturday brunch, catering and family table meals.

Company Overview

Chef Alyssa has been cooking for her entire life; her passion for making good food was equally matched by a desire to lead a balanced, active lifestyle. Becoming an executive chef at the age of 26, Chef Alyssa started her business in 2013 with the goal of providing a comfortable, social environment where guests can learn to cook and eat well. With a focus on wholesome, healthful and local ingredients, each class is fun and interactive, and can be great as a team-building event as well. Additional offerings include Kids Cooking Classes, Team Building Events, Corporate Lunch Catering, Family Table Dinner Meals, and Saturday Morning Brunch.

About Chef Alyssa's Kitchen

HQ Location
Charlotte, NC

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