Collaborative Franchise Systems LLC

Collaborative Franchise Systems LLC

Franchise development and sales

Company Overview

Collaborative Franchise Systems (CFS) is the former franchise division of Spectrum Advanced Markets Inc. and has provided business and franchise advisory, consulting, and coaching for over 30 years. Our founder, Dr. Robert A. Needham, is a published author and considered an expert in the franchise industry. CFS specializes in emerging franchise concepts, and together with our team of industry collaborators we offer branding, readiness assessment, marketing services, business systems design, compliance, home office and franchisee training, FDD and franchise agreement development, and all other aspects of franchising. We refer legal work to our collaborative franchise attorneys that have worked with Dr. Needham for over 20 years. Additionally, we provide sales and brand management while connecting our franchisor clients with franchise consultants and brokers.

About Collaborative Franchise Systems LLC

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Helena, AL

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