DCV Franchise Group

DCV Franchise Group

SBA loans, 401(k) rollover funding, and equipment leasing

Company Overview

DCV Franchise Group is an outsourced financing department allowing franchisors to effectively manage the financing process using a masterful executive level business plan. DCV Franchise Group places small business financing for startups and established franchises. Our goal is for our franchisees to arrive financially safe. The key objective is to determine the best financing solution. Our franchise experts provide extensive industry experience, strategic insight, and practical solutions, all designed to encourage quick closings, not delay them. In May 2022, Benetrends acquired DCV Franchise Group.

About DCV Franchise Group

HQ Location
Lansdale, PA
Franchise Consulting/Development

IFA Convention by International Franchise Association

Annual franchise event with networking, learning, and keynote addresses


Cloud-based restaurant point-of-sale and management system

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Franchise sales organization

Big Sky Franchise Team

Franchise consulting, development, and marketing

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