Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley creates consumer wellness and lifestyle products, activated with pure cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes.

Company Overview

Papa & Barkley creates consumer wellness and lifestyle products, activated with pure cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes. They grow amazing flowers, extract the purest oils, and formulate the most effective products. Through a rigorous artisanal development process, Papa & Barkley uncovered the Right Ratio concept. The Right Ratio means that each product needs a specific profile of cannabinoids and terpenes that work in concert, to provide the best effect. Ongoing partnerships in Israel, an epicenter of cannabis research and innovation, empowers the company to optimize all products across a wide range of indications. When applying this knowledge, a focus on sourcing natural botanical ingredients in conjunction with the highest-quality cannabis flowers is in the forefront. Together, this ensures the unsurpassed quality, potency, and effect that customers have come to expect from Papa & Barkley products.

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Eureka, CA


Unrivaled Cannabis Products

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Curaleaf offers multiple products under three brands: Curaleaf, Curaleaf Hemp and UKU Craft Cannabis. Our products are available in a wide variety of strains, dosages, flavors and formats to suit a range of needs: flower, oils for vaping and concentrates, edibles, capsules, micro-tablets, lozenges, tinctures and topical lotions. Our premium products are made with the highest quality standards, so that we can offer reliable, safe products that can be trusted to deliver a consistent experience every time. Explore some of our cannabis and hemp products below.

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