Pembroke & Co.

Pembroke & Co.

Consulting firm specializing in loss prevention, business consulting, human resources, and career services

Company Overview

Our company began in 2015 as Pembroke Loss Prevention after cofounders Bruno Mota and Kelly Del Fuoco Mota, longtime experts in the QSR industry, recognized an opportunity to help business owners analyze video and data to identify profit and loss. We began offering services in this area and realized almost immediately that every business has an endless data supply, far beyond video, waiting to be analyzed for business trends. In 2020, we rebranded as Pembroke & Co. to better represent the wide breadth of unique services we offer, which now includes loss prevention and operational analysis, new business strategy implementation, and human resources and career services. We currently support over 700 businesses across the U.S., managing $1.3 billion in total assets.

About Pembroke & Co.

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Boston, MA


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