Ali Homadi

Founder and CEO, Loyica

Ali Homadi is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Loyica, a tech company responsible for creating Saphyte, a revolutionary product that creates an ecosystem of team and workspace, sales, marketing, and support features that address the most important issues surrounding businesses. The company believes in digitization, continuous technological improvement, and innovation as key aspects of business growth. Loyica also focuses on growing local SME partners by helping them improve their brand visibility, lead generation, workplace coordination, and sales output through digital transformation.

Apart from leading the company, Ali is also a passionate entrepreneur, investor, and tech enthusiast. He has over five years of experience helping companies create digital sales and marketing strategies, mastering the art of customer acquisition, and improving the overall lifetime customer experience for many SMEs. He also believes in and dedicates his time to transforming companies through integrating technology into their work processes, using big data to make strategic business decisions, and automating processes to achieve organization efficiencies.

As of 2020, Ali introduced more than four new modules into Saphyte. Ali believes that these features will give more flexibility to Saphyte's users, proving technology can make the business life of company owners and workers easier. More features are also expected to be launched for the rest of the years. Ali also believes in one thing: "Technology is the best way to fix a problem identified by the customer." Through customer collaboration, Ali lets the customers get to the root of their problems and offers them the best solutions using technology.

Although Ali and his team were known to have partnered with clients in the MENA region, they were also able to establish a foothold in European countries. Today, the company has established partnerships with many businesses worldwide.



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