Amir Farha

Co-founder & Managing Partner, BECO Capital

Amir Farha is an entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor, and mentor. He has looked at early stage businesses from every angle, starting with a Swedish corporate VC firm based in London, followed by a stint at what was then the first seed capital fund in the MENA region, the Arab Business Angel Network (part of Dubai International Capital), before becoming an entrepreneur himself. Farha has invested in and confounded a number of local businesses, including Toolman, a property maintenance businesses; Purple PR, a boutique PR company which he successfully exited in 2012; and Tandem Partners, a startup and small business advisory firm in which he pled over 80 companies plan and grow their businesses. Farha is a co-founder of BECO Capital, and he currently sits on the board of two portfolio companies.



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Growth Strategies

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