Aradhana Khowala

Founder and CEO, Aptamind Partners

Aradhana Khowala is the founder and CEO of Aptamind Partners, a United Kingdom-based private client advisory firm that helps ambitious leaders in governments, emerging destinations, public and private sector firms and increasingly social-sector organizations understand the impact of tourism as a change agent. She is also a Board Member of Elaf Group (SEDCO Holding) and the World Tourism Forum in Lucerne, Switzerland, as well as the Chair of the Group Advisory Board for Red Sea Global in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


Growth Strategies

Saudi Arabia Has The Potential To Become The Switzerland Of The Middle East (And Here's Why That Matters For The Kingdom)

The recent geo-political and geo-economic leadership exhibited by Saudi Arabia in the MENA region has the potential to do more to promote tourism in the Kingdom than any expensive marketing campaign designed to attract visitors.

Growth Strategies

Regenerative Tourism Needs Women In Leadership To Activate Solutions For Change

Highly visible women leaders not only enhance female status within a society, but they also are known to shift policymaking toward female interests.

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