Camilla and Lucy d'Abo

Camilla and Lucy d'Abo, Managing Partners of DABO & CO, boast more than 15 years of experience within their respective fields. With Camilla overseeing all PR communications and strategic campaign activities, and Lucy leading all concept creation and strategy for events region-wide, DABO & CO has grown grown significantly over the past 10 years into one of the leading integrated communications companies in the Middle East, specializing in PR, event management and digital engagement. Inspired by a commitment to strategic creative solutions and quality client servicing, Camilla and Lucy and the team at DABO & CO have accumulated an extensive corporate and consumer PR brand portfolio, including some of the world's biggest brands, such as Nike, Canon, BMW Group, HSBC, Marriott and DHL. Company and personal accomplishments between the d'Abo sisters comprise of winning over 20 awards including being named joint Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2014 Gulf Capital SME Awards.



Eight Communication Tips For 'Treps By 'Treps: How To PR Your Business

To help other budding entrepreneurs build their own reputation and benefit from the power of PR, here are our top tips to get SMEs on the radar of potential investors, clients and talent.

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