Deborah Webster

Founder and CEO of Amani Circle

Deborah Webster is the founder and CEO of Amani Circle.

Deborah believes technology in the right hands can create a more sustainable and equitable future. For that, we must upgrade our thinking (and our actions). She developed the AMANI™ protocol, the philosophy and practice of fair and sustainable business practices, which encompasses leadership, sustainable business models, and ethical use of technology. Deborah works with and advises companies and family groups to futureproof their business, including advising on leadership and business models of the future, data privacy issues, and ethical use of data and technology. She also works with investors and VCs to identify and invest in the right innovators, entrepreneurs, and applications of technology. Deborah visits university campuses to engage with the next generation in shaping a vision and strategy for the future. She has spoken at several conferences around the world and chairs discussions on a variety of topics including, leadership, innovation, and ethical practices around data and technology. Clients have included Carlyle Group, Gulf Investment Corporation, Millicom, Tigo, Women for Women International, as well as some family groups, accelerators, and startups.



Rethinking The Way We Frame Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Invest wisely, ensuring that we are not lulling people –investors and employees– into a false sense of security on where they are investing their money and time.

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