Dr. Paul Hokemeyer

Fellow, Global Leaders in Healthcare program, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Paul L. Hokemeyer is a fellow in the Global Leaders in Healthcare program at Harvard Medical School. A licensed marriage and family therapist, consultant and author, he is one of the world's foremost experts on resolving the complex, sensitive and highly nuanced issues that arise among the world's most prominent families and is listed as one of the world's top "Problem Solvers" in Tatler's High Net Worth Address book.  

He founded Drayson Mews International in London to provide direct services and strategic solutions to high profile and high performance individuals, couples, and families around the world, and he is also the author of Fragile Power: Why Having Everything is Never Enough (2019, Hazelden). In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Paul sets forth a new standard of culturally competent and clinically effective care for UHNW individuals and families who struggle with mental health, personality, relational and addictive disorders.  

A believer in education as a lifelong process, Dr. Paul holds a Ph.D. in psychology, a doctorate in law (J.D.), a M.A. in family dynamics. During the pandemic, he studied how to optimize the use of digital technologies in the delivery mental health services at the Yale University School of Management. 





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