Dr. Sana Farid

Co-Founder and CEO of Munfarid Consulting

Dr. Sana Farid is a pioneer ARVR Strategist in the MENA region, and the co-founder and CEO of Munfarid Consulting, a MENA-based AR/VR Education Consultancy consortium. She is an avid researcher determined to use future tech solutions for societal well-being. A qualified surgeon and a distinguished ambassador of women empowerment programs in the region, she is predominantly supporting government and non-governmental initiatives leading them to envision, strategize and streamline Ai/AR/VR based programs in various sectors, including healthcare, aviation, education and public services. 

A native Arab speaker and author traveling the world and making her contributions to improving learning experience using AI and  AR/VR-based programs. She has played a vital role to highlighting the needs of AR/VR adaptation in MENA. 



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