Gaj Ravichandra

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Kompass Consultancy.

Gaj Ravichandra is a mindset and leadership coach, organizational psychologist, and co-founder and Managing Partner at Kompass Consultancy.

Gaj is a highly sought-after performance coach recognized for his effective leadership training techniques and passion for helping clients reach higher potential. For 20 years, Gaj has worked with leading organizations and individuals to enhance productivity, maximize performance, and accelerate growth.

As a registered psychologist, Gaj leans on his psychology training to deliver the most effective evidence-based solutions to his clients. Gaj leads individuals, sporting teams, and educational institutions to success with cutting-edge learning techniques and disruptive growth strategies that are proven to enhance potential and performance.

Recognized as an authority in peak performance and mental toughness, Gaj has spearheaded and contributed to countless programs, including executive coaching, career transitioning, mental toughness performance coaching, talent management and executive talent acquisition, employee engagement, and mentoring.

Gaj has extensive global experience, having delivered best-in-class training to clients in Australia, Middle East, Levant, UK, Europe, and Asia. His industry experience covers a wide range of sectors, including telecom, finance, healthcare, aviation, technology, industrial, consulting, retail, education, government, and oil and gas. 


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