Haider Madani

Founder and Co-Owner, Cassette

Haider Madani is one of the co-owners and founder of Cassette, a Dubai-based café inspired by a passion for great food, music, art, design, and the culture that surrounds it. Cassette is a creative hub located in the industrial and yet contemporary and cool Al Quoz, serving diners great food, coffee, and vibes. With an extensive professional background, Haider is involved in every aspect of the business, from strategy to operations, seeing that the Cassette standard is never compromised. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Haider started his career in the automotive industry from the age of 13.

Born in Iraq, yet raised and educated in London, Haider’s background is firmly rooted in the engineering and automotive industry, which he grew a passion for during his time in the big city. During his university years, Haider took up mechatronic engineering at Middlesex University UK, focusing on the engineering of both electrical and mechanical systems including a combination of robotics, electronics and product engineering. This appetite for engineering followed him to Dubai where he and his brother Nizar Madani launched a company called JEEPERS, which is now an authorized Jeep dealer in UAE, specializing in modification, customization and fabrication.

As well as having his mind very much focused on his first business, it was back during his first few years in Dubai that Haider dreamt up the idea of Cassette, a dream that later came true with the help of H2R Design. Having always had a personal interest in the F&B industry (and spending more dinners in restaurants than his own home), Haider was looking to create a space where people could enjoy great food, electric ambiance, and personalized service.

Combining the brain power of his nephews, Husain and Hasan, the entrepreneurs saw that the market was in need of a casual French café, offering affordable yet great quality food. From here, the modern Parisian bistro concept Cassette was born, housed in The Courtyard, Al Quoz. H2R Design, co-founded by brothers Hasan and Husain, are the interior architect company behind Cassette, and the team have created a space that reflects their passion for all things music, design, and food.

Haider is a British national and studied at Middlesex University in London. Fluent in English and Arabic, Haider enjoys driving, dune bashing and competitive challenges in the desert. He is also a keen squash and racket sports player.


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