Imane Adel

Executive Vice President of Strategy, Paymob

Imane Adel is the Executive Vice President of Strategy at Paymob. In this pivotal role, she taps into her deep expertise in the payments industry, not only framing the company's strategic direction, but also spearheading the development of innovative business lines and breakthrough 'big bet' products. Her leadership is central to diversifying Paymob's revenue streams and securing impactful strategic partnerships.

A dedicated advocate for financial inclusion, Imane prioritizes value-rich digital transformations, emphasizing both sustainability and unwavering transparency. Before joining Paymob, Imane held noteworthy roles at Visa and Mastercard. At Mastercard, she played a key role in reshaping the acceptance business across the Middle East and North Africa. Beyond leading the digitization of traditionally cash-centric market segments, she adeptly steered the strategic inception and rollout of the microlending and buy-now-pay-later model in the EEMEA region.

On the academic front, Imane earned a Master of Science in Strategic Planning from Edinburgh Business School and a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a minor in Philosophy, from the American University in Cairo. Augmenting her formal education, her certification in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) arms her with cognitive techniques that enhance decision-making and performance. Her fluency in languages like Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese underscores her capability to thrive in diverse cultural settings.

At the forefront of the fintech evolution, Imane passionately delves into blockchain, viewing it as the foundation for the future of payments. Alongside her blockchain focus, she deeply explores the transformative capacities of artificial intelligence, keen on its promise to reshape financial tools and elevate user experiences. And while she's a robust proponent of these groundbreaking technologies, her commitment to ethical operations shines through her active support for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, championing technology's role in societal betterment.

Imane's approach to leadership is both dynamic and distinctive, propelled by her energetic essence, and an affinity for adrenaline-charged pursuits like skydiving, and, notably, wingsuit flying. In addressing the intricacies of the payments sphere, she melds deep-rooted expertise with a daring perspective, mirroring the audacity of her personal adventures.



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