Isa Bin Haider


The CEO and founder of Bin Haider Advocates & Legal Consultants, an internationally renowned legal firm based in Dubai. Isa bin Haider is a legal advocate and consultant with over twenty years of experience in policing and public prosecution in Dubai. Bin Haider’s career has seen him emerge as a trusted and veteran advisor to both governmental institutions and the private sector.

Having established Bin Haider Advocates and Legal Consultants in 2002, Isa has also become an established radio personality, hosting Spirit of the Law program on Noor Dubai Radio. Isa has also authored and edited a host of legal books and articles, bilingually, in the UAE.


Starting a Business

The UAE's Role In Supporting Entrepreneurship

The UAE has successfully created a legal framework that is constantly adapting, matching or exceeding the highest international standards, to meet the needs of the entrepreneurship community.

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