Jeremy Denisty

Co-founder, Imagin3 Studio

Jeremy Denisty is the co-founder of Scopernia's Imagin3 Studio, and he currently leads Scopernia’s MENA office, based in Dubai. Jeremy has advised and inspired many companies in growing and future-fitting their organisations by crafting transformation and innovation strategies. His forte lies in setting up, growing, and helping family businesses -especially in the retail sector- stay relevant amidst the turbulence of change in the GCC. Jeremy’s passions include inspiring people to take positive action by keeping up with the growing market dynamic in the GCC, with a special focus on all things Web3- gaming, blockchain, crypto, NFTs and the metaverse.



How To Thrive In The Age Of The Metaverse: Engaging With The Five Layers Of The New Virtual Economy

Across the five layers of the virtual economy, we will see the emergence of the metaverse generation, who will be inspired by immersive experiences, engaging communities, and active co-ownership within the brands and companies they love.

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