Keir McDonald

Chairman and CEO, EduCare

Keir McDonald (MBE) is the Chairman and CEO of EduCare. Keir started EduCare thirty years ago with just a handful of talented people. At the time, he had little idea that his company’s e-learning programs would end up teaching more than three million people about duty of care issues, including health and safety, across a range of sectors including education, industry, and sport. In acknowledgement of his work and achievement in safeguarding children, Keir was honored with an MBE for Services to Children in 2012.


Growth Strategies

Thinking About Health And Safety Differently: Why Happy Employees Are Good For Business

On average, 12% more productive than their counterparts who don't identify as being happy at work. Productive staff tend to accomplish a higher quality standard of work which leads to greater results for the company, and ultimately, larger profits.

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