Klaus Miserra

Director of Consulting at grow.ME

Klaus Miserra is Director of Consulting at grow.ME, a Dubai based global development consultancy, and co-founder of Women-able, a regionally funded business skilling and growth program for women. He has extensive global executive commercial experience in multiple industries and sectors, including banking, IT, aviation and financial services.

For the last five years, as co-founder of Women-able, Miserra has focused on women entrepreneurship programs in Middle East and Africa, including RoÝa and Women-able with partners MasterCard, Cherie Blair Foundation and JP Morgan. In the corporate and government world, he specializes in coaching and mentoring senior executives at the highest level across a multitude of organizations, regionally and internationally. And he enjoys staying in touch with the academic world and is currently an adjunct lecturer for a Master in Economic Psychology program for Applied Management at two Universities in Germany.

Klaus was an Entrepreneur in Residence at UAEU Science and Innovation Park (SIP), awarded the MBR award for the Best University Entrepreneurship Program in 2017.


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