Laith Al-Qasem

CEO of the Innovative Startups and SMEs Fund

Laith Al-Qasem is the CEO of the Innovative Startups and SMEs Fund. Al-Qasem has over 25 years of business and development experience. He identified, invested in and was involved in 19 startup companies, several of which have become paragons of success. Al-Qasem is a member of the Jordan Economic and Social Council, and has led and participated in several national economic development initiatives such as the Jordan Vision 2020, the National Agenda, and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Al-Qasem is also a board member of several national associations and NGOs.



How To Become A Good Lead Investor For A Startup

Lead investors play a crucial social, and obviously, economic role for a startup's launch into a market.

Starting a Business

Three Myths About The MENA Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Working and communicating in a structured manner creates a shared responsibility and accountability in an ecosystem that if all parts are working together, can be greater than the sum of its parts.

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