Lama Ataya

Chief Marketing Officer,

Lama Ataya heads the Marketing department at and within that role is also responsible for communications, content, community experience, and corporate social responsibility.


Growth Strategies

Eight Steps To Build Teams That Last

In any work environment, we frequently communicate, coordinate, collaborate, and correspond with other professionals. No job is truly isolated.

Growth Strategies

Soaring Ambition: The Aspiration To Become An Entrepreneur In The MENA Region Is On The Rise

It comes to many as striking that aspiring entrepreneurs are on the rise across the MENA region and are taking more steps and exerting more effort to join the force of the self-employed.

Growth Strategies

Taking Charge Of Your Career Success: Start By Defining What Being Successful Means To You

Of all the goals we set in life, being successful is probably the one that stands out the most. But what is it that makes some people more successful than others?

Growth Strategies

How Employer Branding Can Help Your Company Be Perceived As A Great Place To Work

Today's professionals want more. They expect their employers to invest in their growth and development and are hungry for skills acquisition and training, a thriving culture, rewards and recognition, and life beyond work.

Growth Strategies

The Struggle Is Real: The Middle East Has A Skills Gap Crisis

For years, employers in the Middle East have reported a sizable gap between the talent they need to keep their companies growing and the talent they can actually find.


An Open Call To Innovators: The Middle East Needs More Women Entrepreneurs

There are many good reasons for tackling female workforce participation as a matter of priority in the MENA. The potential economic benefit of increased women's employment is striking.

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